Theatre Director

Pat has been directing theatre for 25 years. Her cast members have ranged in age from 6 to 50 years. In her collection of full-scale Musicals are: Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Grease, Legally Blond, Over the Rainbow (original music and text), and most recently, in Brazil, Shrek. Pat choreographs original numbers, re-inventing and interpreting the show’s choreography, by using non-traditional movement together with highly specialized lighting and multi-media. She often features vocal soundscapes to highlight emotion. In addition she has directed over 50 non-musical and theme-based shows for events such as Remembrance Day and Earth Day.  Her casts have varied in size from 15 to 180 actors, dancers and musicians. If the show does not feature a song that punctuates a special moment, she will write one. Pat says that directing brings out her “God self”; hours can feel like minutes and it is truly one her favourite things to do in the world! Pat will never put an actor on stage until she is certain that they will experience success.


in Brazil

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